Winter's burden Slumbering trees shoulder the weight of the heavy blankets of snowfall, aching bones creak and pop struggling to turn away from the bitter draft of the season.

Quiet morning The first gleam of dawn breaks over the dimpled pond surface stretching out toward the distant hills, attempting to awake the forest with its gentle kiss of warm light.

Handsome devil A smooth-feathered herring gull struts across the rough surface of a stone slab inspecting the surrounding sands for the last tempting morsels of the day to share with its mate lurking nearby.

Resting beauties After a hard day's work in the rough seas bringing home the daily catch, these pretty and pristine fishing boats are lined up perfectly against the wharf, resting easily upon the safe, calm harbor waters of grey-green.

Pond reflections Winter has not yet arrived, yet fallen leaves and aquatic plants appear frozen in the chilly waters of a placid pond, also, managing to capture on its surface the deep blue of the cool sky above.

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