Harbor breakwater A long walk down the jetty will reach the calm harbor waters in little time or you could simply setup a chair in the fine warm sand and wait for the returning tide to come to you...

Azure pleasure White sands of the beach hide just below the clear blue high-tide waters of this cliffside island point, which seems untouched by mankind.

Bay estuary Tufts of beach grass grow behind a rocky jetty separating the bay from the tawny beach and guiding the flow of tide waters rolling through a narrow estuary where seabirds are likely to hunt for exposed shellfish.

Sandy neck It's a long walk down to the open seashore of this sandy neck beach, but that teal streak across the horizon beckons to be visited by barefooted explorers.

Provincetown skiff On this clear, cool day a masted skiff is anchored loosely in the sandy beach ready to bravely challenge the Provincetown bay whenever its owner returns for their next bold adventure with the wind and water together.

Handsome devil A smooth-feathered herring gull struts across the rough surface of a stone slab inspecting the surrounding sands for the last tempting morsels of the day to share with its mate lurking nearby.

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