Marsh walk Sometimes wandering through a meandering path over soft earth, between velvety greenery, under cottony skies, and breathing salty fresh air are all that one needs to revitalize their life...

Blue bouquet A pair of freshly cut, fully laden flower heads of hydrangea in powdery shades of blue and lavender pose gaily atop a clear, globed vase.

Winter's burden Slumbering trees shoulder the weight of the heavy blankets of snowfall, aching bones creak and pop struggling to turn away from the bitter draft of the season.

Contemplative bench Tucked between a small stand of evergreens sits an inviting simple plank bench, closely embraced by dense shrubbery and a cool, calm, welcoming sky.

Lucky garden A domestic ebony panther lurks at the edge of a lush floral garden sure to find some unsuspecting feathered or furry prey nearby.

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