Green dragonfly i A gorgeous green dragonfly alights upon a Korean lilac which provides no camouflage with its contrasting wine colored foliage, but it's a wonderfully sunny spot to recovery briefly before moving on.

Regal hare This beastly prince bears a striking pose with his imposing, majestic figure adorned in luxurious, plush coats of fur from head to foot, in most splendiferous and sublime fashion of traditional nobility.

Handsome devil A smooth-feathered herring gull struts across the rough surface of a stone slab inspecting the surrounding sands for the last tempting morsels of the day to share with its mate lurking nearby.

Gray treefrog A vibrant, bumpy little green-backed, gray tree frog keeps a watchful eye out for mates and predators, exposed on a muted, rustic wood plank of a deck that surely must be nearby a suitable place to call home.

Lucky garden A domestic ebony panther lurks at the edge of a lush floral garden sure to find some unsuspecting feathered or furry prey nearby.

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