Casablanca lily White lilies represent many things including purity, commitment, and rebirth and this makes for a powerful statement for ceremonies of joyous or sorrowful occasions. May these be a symbol of strength and support to those in mourning.

Bearded Iris If nature is not enough, then what is? A garden of tall bearded irises protect their magnificent royal heads with long stiff flattened blades around their stalks - no one dare enter, but the pollinators.

Peaceful respite After a long day of Spring clean-up, a cool granite bench in the shade is a pleasant spot to recuperate by a little pond, or just up the garden path is a wooden bench if you prefer.

Blue bunnies In a hunt for Easter eggs, these two slate blue cunicular rascals must surely know the secret places amongst the garden where the treasures might all be hidden - if only they left a trail of jelly beans to find them...

Argiope aurantia If Charlotte's Web had been based on this species of black and yellow garden spider, would it have been as endearing? This is the quintessence of creepy - long, sturdy black-tipped legs covered in cactus-like hairs; dull colored, lifeless and virtually faceless head; and broad abdomen with a bright menacing phantom emblem on... Continue Reading →

Lucky garden A domestic ebony panther lurks at the edge of a lush floral garden sure to find some unsuspecting feathered or furry prey nearby.

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