Green dragonfly i A gorgeous green dragonfly alights upon a Korean lilac which provides no camouflage with its contrasting wine colored foliage, but it's a wonderfully sunny spot to recovery briefly before moving on.

Sandy neck It's a long walk down to the open seashore of this sandy neck beach, but that teal streak across the horizon beckons to be visited by barefooted explorers.

Sweetheart Blooms Would my sweetheart be tickled pink if given a bouquet of these frilly edged flowers just freshly plucked from the garden? Or would they be best left alone for us to visit together with a picnic lunch over the whole season?

Marsh walk Sometimes wandering through a meandering path over soft earth, between velvety greenery, under cottony skies, and breathing salty fresh air are all that one needs to revitalize their life...

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