Argiope aurantia If Charlotte's Web had been based on this species of black and yellow garden spider, would it have been as endearing? This is the quintessence of creepy - long, sturdy black-tipped legs covered in cactus-like hairs; dull colored, lifeless and virtually faceless head; and broad abdomen with a bright menacing phantom emblem on... Continue Reading →

Azure pleasure White sands of the beach hide just below the clear blue high-tide waters of this cliffside island point, which seems untouched by mankind.

Greener pastures Just through the ferns, tall grasses, and low shrubs is a clearing of vibrant lime green grass trimmed neatly and most suitable for a picnic or the ideal location for a landing spot smack dab in the middle of the fairway if the ball hadn't hooked into the rough.

Twilight embers Silhouettes of trees and hills on this midsummer's eve surround Lake Eileen serve as a barrier between the water and sky, dampening the last embers of the warm day.

Bay estuary Tufts of beach grass grow behind a rocky jetty separating the bay from the tawny beach and guiding the flow of tide waters rolling through a narrow estuary where seabirds are likely to hunt for exposed shellfish.

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