Casablanca lily White lilies represent many things including purity, commitment, and rebirth and this makes for a powerful statement for ceremonies of joyous or sorrowful occasions. May these be a symbol of strength and support to those in mourning.

Inviting treehouse Somewhere in the hundred acre woods is the home of a wise owl - a rustic treehouse tucked between trees invites friends to visit if they happen to be in the neighborhood. Take delight in the views from the wrap around deck, or admire the flower boxes, or gaze into the several birdhouses,... Continue Reading →

Mother hen Don't let the gorgeous rusty plumage fool you, this mother hen is no defenseless beauty, she is always on guard for her chicklets, just try to break your gaze away from that piercing ever watchful eye!

Bearded Iris If nature is not enough, then what is? A garden of tall bearded irises protect their magnificent royal heads with long stiff flattened blades around their stalks - no one dare enter, but the pollinators.

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