Contemplative bench Tucked between a small stand of evergreens sits an inviting simple plank bench, closely embraced by dense shrubbery and a cool, calm, welcoming sky.

Gray treefrog A vibrant, bumpy little green-backed, gray tree frog keeps a watchful eye out for mates and predators, exposed on a muted, rustic wood plank of a deck that surely must be nearby a suitable place to call home.

Day ends Gray waters reflect the amber glow of the twilight sky, while a gull floats upon the breeze above the melting sun, and a lonely channel buoy awaits the coming shift of the tide and quiet of the night.

Still waters Dusky serenity at the water's edge with sun settling behind distant hills and thin clouds overhead, static from the lack of wind, making for very still waters…

Are TV Antennas Back In Style?

You cut the cord, are you ready to cut “Live TV” streaming, too? We’ve all cut the cord to avoid outrageous fees, add-ons, and taxes from cable companies, while taking advantage of the flexibility of various streaming services. However, the economic advantage of cutting the cord seems to have lost its edge among available local... Continue Reading →

Lucky garden A domestic ebony panther lurks at the edge of a lush floral garden sure to find some unsuspecting feathered or furry prey nearby.

Are you a Wordle nerdal?

As previously posted (here you can learn about the basics of the game Wordle and find some strategies for novice or casual Wordle players that lead to successes virtually 100% of the time. Since then, numerous strategies have been employed with varying success. However, if you fancy yourself to be more of an advanced... Continue Reading →

Don’t force your children…

"Don't force your children into your ways, for they were created for a time different from your own." Plato Words as true now as they were over two millennia ago. Such a simple precept, yet so difficult to remember that our children did not get the same experience as we had in our youth, nor... Continue Reading →

What we call pleasure…

"What we call pleasure, and rightly so, is the absence of all pain." Cicero Correction: Numbness is the absence of all pain, which some may find pleasurable in brief intervals. Though it isn't sustainable, nor productive. It might be challenging for many to achieve a complete lack of physical or mental suffering, but we needn't... Continue Reading →

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