Blue bouquet A pair of freshly cut, fully laden flower heads of hydrangea in powdery shades of blue and lavender pose gaily atop a clear, globed vase.

Overlook cliff Tropical looking waters, calm and clear at the moment, lap gently at the sandy shores, yet slowly wash away the clay based "land under the hill" of the cliffs of Aquinnah, so named by the native Wampanoag people.

Provincetown skiff On this clear, cool day a masted skiff is anchored loosely in the sandy beach ready to bravely challenge the Provincetown bay whenever its owner returns for their next bold adventure with the wind and water together.

Winter's burden Slumbering trees shoulder the weight of the heavy blankets of snowfall, aching bones creak and pop struggling to turn away from the bitter draft of the season.

Quiet morning The first gleam of dawn breaks over the dimpled pond surface stretching out toward the distant hills, attempting to awake the forest with its gentle kiss of warm light.

Handsome devil A smooth-feathered herring gull struts across the rough surface of a stone slab inspecting the surrounding sands for the last tempting morsels of the day to share with its mate lurking nearby.

Resting beauties After a hard day's work in the rough seas bringing home the daily catch, these pretty and pristine fishing boats are lined up perfectly against the wharf, resting easily upon the safe, calm harbor waters of grey-green.

Contemplative bench Tucked between a small stand of evergreens sits an inviting simple plank bench, closely embraced by dense shrubbery and a cool, calm, welcoming sky.

Gray treefrog A vibrant, bumpy little green-backed, gray tree frog keeps a watchful eye out for mates and predators, exposed on a muted, rustic wood plank of a deck that surely must be nearby a suitable place to call home.

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