Part 2 of 4: Principles of success…

In Part 1 of this series, the topic was VISION. The concept is simple enough, envision what it is that embodies success for you, so much so that it seems that you’ve already attained it. However, you must also have a significant purpose for wanting to achieve your goal to keep on track with meeting... Continue Reading →

Part 1 of 4: Principles of success…

This series is intended to guide you in finding fortune...or at least with finding clovers having more than three leaves anyway. Though in all likelihood, you’ll find this series is generally applicable to life. Since publishing “Outstanding in your field…”, I’ve been asked if I really do know how to find four and five leaf... Continue Reading →

Outstanding in your field…

Not all that long ago, I happened to be in attendance for a regular Sales meeting, which was scheduled shortly after a particularly challenging month. The mood was dreary in the conference room despite the sunshine poking through the slotted blinds. Projected on the large panel display at the far end of the room were... Continue Reading →



Aren't we at a point in our life where we should already "be there" ? Until we reach our final resting place, our journey never stops and new destinations await. After all, isn't that why our obituary and eulogy are written after we pass away, because our story continues to build throughout our lifetime and... Continue Reading →

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