Aren’t we at a point in our life where we should already “be there” ?

Until we reach our final resting place, our journey never stops and new destinations await. After all, isn’t that why our obituary and eulogy are written after we pass away, because our story continues to build throughout our lifetime and even in the last hours of it? That may seem a bit morbid, but the point is that as long as you breathe, your trek continues regardless of where you started or where you find yourself now.

That’s not to say we can’t experience contentment or can’t enjoy what we’ve accomplished so far. In fact, many of us spend too little time appreciating what we have or have done; and fail to reflect upon our good fortunes however humble or ample they may be. Enjoy the journey as well as the stops or detours along the way, for those are the cherished vignettes of our lives – enriching and enduring.

This may be an odd way to start off and set the wrong tone for some, but beginning with a few ideologies will provide a glimpse of what to expect from future posts. They aren’t necessarily deep or profound, but rather simple and pragmatic perspectives that carry me forward and perhaps something that will resonate with your life, too.


The mere fact that you experience life means that you are already a success. The odds that a mother’s egg and father’s sperm actually combined to create you is virtually the same as winning the multi-million dollar jackpot in the lottery. Because newborns arrive every day, we tend to forget what a miracle it is to have life enter this world. Regardless of the circumstances under which that happened or how you arrived, the very essence of your being was determined to become part of this world. Instinctively you are a fighter, a survivor, a victor.

Every day that you witness from this day onward is yet another testament to your continued success. Even if we don’t get out of bed, at a minimum we produce carbon dioxide which is necessary to help keep plants alive. For some, additional success comes from rising up from the bed just enough to engage and observe the world. Or “putting feet to the floor” can be a bold move in preparation to confront the challenges that lay ahead. Further still, others may make their bed or get dressed to gain satisfaction and accomplishment on this day. And yet others may have the courage to step out over their threshold into their surroundings, unsure of the outcomes, but participating nevertheless.

Now it is up to you to determine how you wish to embellish your success or how you intend to share your success with others…

The musings posted throughout the site fuse aspects of philosophy, logic, spirituality, science, humor, and humanity. This blend of concepts creates some unique perspectives that are sure to connect with some, but not everyone. The intent here is to share insights on some life experiences that may find commonality and community with others. Looking forward to seeing your comments.


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